Angelo Accardi – Misplaced Seaside serigraphie 50X70


50X70 serigrafia
taglio al vivo, SENZA CORNICE.




We were used to live through the images of landescapes,villages,woods and hills the atmosphere of thecountryside,of the green,of the nature and of the past,or a part of the Neapolitan or Apulian school;with Accardi we discovered that the cities have a soul,even if the streets are desert and the road sign replaces the man,showing directions and destinations.
His strong colouristic imprint,his contrasts,the strength of his lines,though indistinct or shaded,the series of his avenues and his buildings give to the urban landscape lively vibrations and sensations,that reveal human presence with,in addition,a magic touch of curiosity,mistery,suspense and unknown,accents of everyone’s life. Accardi’s atmospheres catch you,you run on the roads between reality and fantasy,present and future,dream and illusion.His skies upset you;his paved roads are a sign of modernity,civilization and destiny:they are the mirror of a shared life,of a collective march towards everyone’s future.It is the reverse of a seeming loneliness.We don’t remember to have seen such a human and descriptive philosophy in other interpretations of human beehive.People are there,in these buildings that run after one another,maybe busy with their business,in their daily liturgies spending one hour resting and you are suddenly thinking about your city during a grey sunday afternoon,with its empty streets;yet Accardi makes you understand that life passes anyway and even a tunnel reminds something,it has an existencial or poetical meaning,it is a dark way towards new discoveries.A sign,a signal,a trace connect you with the reality,as a clear direction for the legs of the world that waits for you.So that Accardi become with his hyperrealism an urban planner of the thought and of the ideal,far from any artifice and capable to ennoble even what at first sight may seems arid and expressionless.
His technique is lively and changeable:it explode in brilliant “reds” and whites”;uses “yellows” that sublimate the landscape with an unreal light;”blacks” and “greys” are used for the scenery or the outline,reproduce skillfully reflexes matched with vertical segments that recover specific and effective role;at times the colour assault and transfigure the atmosphere,jumping to the abstract,to a destination both ideal and unreal:virtuosities of a master of the colour and of a terrestrial fantasy.If ever,it comes natural to think about some painters from the Veneto that have painted the city of San Marco with shades of colours more liquid and soft,like nebolous romantic witchcraft.
We chose Accardi’s cities as first simbol of his palette,but there are more that show in the same way his aesthetic language,picture where the painter possesses the reality,impressing his emotions and creating a message that boost the fantasy and the sensitivity of the public.Look at the mixed techniques used for the airplanes,we are far from the futurism,intellectual project inspired by the dynamic of the fury and of the becoming:on the contrary we face technological creatures with a poetic of modern time.
In the same way here the arid metallic materia is transfigured,sublimated,softened:it seems like you are already flying to unknown and enchanted words.The rumbling monsters become winged hopes,promise of celestial adventures and blue emotions.The range of colours is always different and manifold:”reds”,”whites”,”blacks”,”greys”,timid “greens”,shades of “blue” and yellow-rose”.These giants of the air are there,loaded with flights across,with enticing proposals,but their massive impressiveness is dominated by the artist who turn them from emblems of an assorbing civilization of “3000” into instrument of liric emotions.

As always,Accardi does without the human figure,but his intention is not a desert:the man,master of the earth and of the heaven,is present,smiles and rejoices after Accardi’s paint-brush and pentagram of colours,winks at the observer and flies over the way of the fantasy.
It is Accardi’s imaginary that shows its own language,it is a drawing for his ships,linked to oceans and seas’ charm and to other creations of his unique painting extrimely refined art,protagonist of a universe of fantasy and of courageous cromatic alchemies that make him an artist going an exclusive and enticing path.



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